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Outdoor Activities

Welcome to Milan! You can also encounter many outdoor activities when you visit here. Aside from the different sights that you can see, have time also to be more in Milan and experience the various outdoor activities. Let us start with the Parco Sempione which is a park that is large in size. It measures to 116 acres so you can have your walk or have a run that will allow you to be with nature. That is because flowers and the various greenery forms the park within.

There are even attractions like the Napoleonic arch, a medieval castle and even an aquarium.

If you like boating, you can use it as a way to explore Milan. There are canals in Milan that were used as a form of irrigation and also for transportation purposes for already 100 years. this is a great way to have our and you will be able to see not just Milan but also Lombardy. You can witness its traditions unfold and the landscape in a different region.

If you are into sport specifically football, the San Siro Stadium is where you need to be. It is the largest in the country and among the European continent. It was enlarged in the 20th century as more fans flock into it. Now it can hold about 80, 000 people who can cheer during a goal. You can also try to have biking which is popular among the locals. They take the route to the Navigli Grande or from Gioia.